Insider Secrets on Wooden Blinds

Frequently asked questions about wooden blinds

Q: I saw some wooden blinds advertised that were really cheap. How can they make them that price?

A: Our blinds are made from the best quality 100% pure wood. Currently on the market there are alot of "fake" wooden blinds also known as PVC, Polyfoam or synthetic wooden blinds. They are not the genuine article and have a lot of disadvantages over wooden blinds.

Q: Why are fake wooden blinds so bad?

A: Synthetic faux wooden blinds are 2-3 times heavier than proper wood blinds which means you have more weight to support on your wall. The only way to achieve this is make the blind lattice only 300 wide and this then impedes on your view

Q: Why are PVC heavy blinds not recommended?

A: Put simply they are fake. Also known as plastic blinds,  Faux wooden blinds, polyfoam blinds, PVC blinds. These types of blinds have to be made smaller due to the weight. For example a 100% natural wooden blind can be made 3000mm x 2000mm drop and work perfectly, where as a PVC blind could only be 1500 x 2000mm drop and be right on the limit for weight for the headboard. This means the ladders are visible and impedes the view and design of the room. The weight also puts alot of stress onto the cord locks which usually fail very quickly.

Q: Does weight make the blinds wear and tear more?

A: The weight of a synthetic or plastic blind means the mechanisms for lifting the blind up and down has alot of weight to support so you will see these fitting fail reasonably quickly compared to wooden blinds.

A: I need to clean the head rail for my wooden blinds, is it ok to put water on there?

Q: No as the head rails are made from tin and water will make them rust. Best bet is a damp cloth and then dry the area well so it does not rust.

Q: What is the best cord lock to hold up the blinds?

A: We have our own cord lock to hold up the wooden blinds but keep in mind the weight from PVC blinds is so much that typically the cord lock will not support the blind once it starts to wear.

Q: Why are my PVC blinds drooping after a hot summer

A: The heat from the sun makes the PVC, Polyfoam, or Faux blinds change shape which is something you do not get with 100% natural wooden blinds

Q: My blinds are starting to go yellow, is this caused by the sun?

A: No this is the fake synthetic faux blinds discolouring from heat and age. Over time PVC changes its molecular structure where as our wooden blinds do not have this issue.

Q: Why aren't faux blinds alot cheaper than proper wood?

A: The manufacturing of faux blinds takes considerably more labour than wooden blinds and this is why the cost is comparable to wooden blinds. What this means for the client is they are paying more for labour with a cheap material rather than a quality material with reduced labour. 

Q: Are 100% natural wooden blinds ok in wet areas such as bathrooms and in your laundry?

A: Absolutely as long as they are not in direct contact with water such as in your shower with the water pouring over the blind, but yes absolutely safe to use in wet areas. 

Q: I have some mould on my wooden venetian blinds, what is the best way to get rid of it.

A: The best way to remove mould is to use a product like "pledge" in the brown can and give the blinds a gentle spray and a wipe off. Pledge is an anti static dust which means less build up of dust on your blinds