New chain drives for Roller Blinds now available

We would like to introduce you to our new Chain Drive Roller Blind Control Units as pictured below

Roller blind chain drive control units

These amazing new chain rollers for our range of roller blinds are spring assisted for ease of use and will not jam or go stiff making them the most desired roller blind chain control unit on the market.

They are much lighter and stronger than the other brands and will outlast anything on the market.

German designed and made with robust materials that won't go brittle or have the roller chain pulling out which happens so regularly in Auckland.

Roller blind bracket

The roller blind bracket is made from a robust proven material to ensure your roller blind control unit is secure and can take the day to day use with no issues.

Roller blind chain

The roller blind chain has a Nylon inner cord which is coated with a patented UV polymer to protect the cord from the sun and stop any weaknesses appearing. It is light and very strong. We only use quality products in our roller blinds at No1 Blinds.

The chains are available in the following colours

Black, white, grey, cream and chrome

The most important thing to remember with our chain roller system is

the chain will never come out.