Which Blinds should I choose for my home?

When quoting and installing quality blinds in Auckland choosing blinds we generally find that people fit into the following categories.

1. They are sick of the hot afternoon sun on the north side of the house and need sunscreen blinds to block the heat out in the afternoons but still be able to see through.

2. The neighbours are a bit close and the home owners want total privacy and need blockout blinds

3. The house has just been refurbished and the home owner is looking for a way to increase the value of the home and provide privacy and style with wooden venetian blinds

4. The home is a new build and the developer or new home owner needs a full house fitting of blinds

5. They need blinds to block out heat and keep heat in over winter and not bothered by seeing out of them. These are our Thermal Blockout Blinds which come with a thermal inlay embedded into the fabric.

Deciding which blinds to use comes down to your personal preferences and budgets. The best way is to arrange a free quote and have one of our trained blinds technicians come to your home and give you a free measure and quote.

Do you have plastic blinds and are they any good?

Our experience with plastic blinds is over time they go brittle with the UV rays from the sun and start to crack and break. We only manufacture and sell the best quality aluminium venetian blinds and wooden venetian blinds.

For more information on PVC blinds and why you should avoid them click here

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Hi Guys, Its Todd here from No1BLINDS and today we are going to look at how to install screen roller blinds into a corner of your living room or bay window.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds are an ideal way to give you privacy when you need it, plus block out that horrible afternoon sun in the heat of summer, making your living spaces cooler and more private at night time.

For this example we will look at a very common application in Auckland and that is fitting roller blinds in a bay window.

The older villas in Auckland quite often have a bay window in the front of the house which in some cases can be north facing and get very hot in the afternoon. We do have blockout roller blinds also which are thicker and come with a 10 year warranty on the fabric, however sunscreen roller blinds are suitable also for internal fitting roller blinds.

How to measure up for blinds in a bay window.

Step One: Firstly measure across the whole window from the aluminium joinery to the inside of the window frame on the opposite side.

How to measure and install corner, internal fit, screen roller blinds
Step Two: Measure from the corner of the outside of the frame to the inside of the frame

Step Three: Measure the drop for the roller blind.

For the drop place the end of the tape measure on the window sill and measure to the top of the inside of the frame







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