Outdoor Blinds

Transform your outdoor living area into a sanctuary of shade and privacy with our cutting-edge outdoor roller blinds system. At No1 Blinds, we proudly introduce our latest innovation designed to enhance your outdoor experience while providing superior protection against the elements.

Key Benefits Include:

Enjoy the breeze and views while safeguarded from heat, light, wind, and rain

95% UV protection for you and your furniture year-round

Increased privacy control for relaxation and entertaining

Choose from several colours and styles

Harmonise your outdoor aesthetic with our array of colors and fabric selections – complementing your interior window treatments for a cohesive and stylish look.

Additional Features:


Choose between manual operation with a crank handle or effortless motorised control, ensuring seamless integration into your outdoor decor.


Crafted with durable construction and 95% UV protection, our mesh blinds provide optimal protection from the sun, wind, and rain while maintaining natural light and unparalleled privacy.

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Invest in luxury, privacy, and innovation with No1 Blinds’ outdoor roller blinds – the essential upgrade for your outdoor retreat. 

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