Terms and Conditions of sale 

Quotations: Our quotations are valid for 30 days. A new quotation may be required after this period, unless the old quotation is accepted by us at our discretion.To request a change on a quote, please contact our salesperson as indicated on our quote either by e-mail or phone. Please include your quote number so that they can update the quotation with the changes you request and send it to you for final approval. 

Please do not communicate change of colour or any other specifications of your blinds to the office, if it was prepared by our salesperson. 

Acceptance of Order:
Non-Trade Install Customers:Our quotation is accepted, and order confirmed when you make a 50% deposit or full payment as per the terms indicated on our quote. By making payment, the customer acknowledges that the specifications of products on the quote are final and that the terms and conditions on the quote have been read and accepted. Once payment has been received, we place the order into production, and will not accept further changes to the order. Production will not commence until funds are cleared in our bank account. Please indicate our quote number as the reference number, when you make deposits into our bank account as detailed on our quote. 

Non-Trade Pick-up and Freight Order Customers:Full payment is required on all orders to be picked up or couriered, before manufacturing can commence. With freight orders, ownership of the blinds transfer to the buyer when we hand over the blinds to the courier. We book and pay the courier in advance on behalf of the buyer for expediency. However, damages or loss in transit is the responsibility of the buyer. We undertake to pack the blinds to be freighted, to industry standards. 

Trade Customers:Our regular trade customers who have credit terms approved by us, acknowledge that our terms and conditions have been read and accepted, when placing an order or signing an order form.Final Payment for installation orders:Any outstanding balance is required to be paid before an installation appointment can be booked.Installs:You or your representative is required to be onsite to check for any errors or omissions, when we come to do the install. If you are not on site at the time of installation and are unhappy later, you will incur a further cost of $150 to have a serviceman come to your property. 

Cancellation of product or order:No refunds will be made if you decide to cancel or reduce the order, once manufacture has begun. 

Transfer of Title:Title of the product passes to the customer only after full payment has been received.Measurements taken by customer:When measurements are provided by the customer, the accuracy of the measurements is fully the responsibility of the customer and any rework due to mis-measure is entirely at the customer’s expense. The customer should make clear, if the measurements provided are for an inside or outside fit.Measurements taken by No1 BLINDS™ staff:We take full responsibility for any mis-measures done by a No1 BLINDS™ sales representative. However, it is the customers responsibility to ensure the right number of blinds and types of blinds are on the quotation before accepting it by making deposit or full payment. 

Customisation:We use our own techniques, styles and specifications to manufacture blinds to our standards. Any additional customisations required by the customer must be agreed in writing before either deposit or full payment is made. 

Installation by No1 BLINDS™:It is the customer’s responsibility to remove existing tracks and window coverings before the time of installation, unless we have agreed to remove them at an agreed cost on the quote. If windows are inaccessible for installation at the time of appointment, blinds will be returned to the factory and it will be the customer’s responsibility to collect and install them. Any additional visits by us will incur a call out fee of $115, plus $75 for every 15 minutes taken to install (these rates are including GST). Payment will be required before a new installation date can be booked. Time taken to install will be estimated by us and charged accordingly.If you need to cancel your installation appointment, you must do so more than 24 hours in advance via email to admin@no1blinds.co.nz.The person taking delivery of the goods must be there at the time of installation and sign to say they have received them in good condition and in accordance with the order made. No responsibility will be taken by No1 BLINDS™ for damage after installation.

Delivery:We endeavour to manufacture and deliver blinds to the address you provide as soon as possible after your order has been placed and funds have cleared into our account. We aim to complete your blinds within 5 – 15 working days from the date of receipt of cleared funds. However, this is an estimate only and we take no liability if we are unable to meet the date estimated.Delivery of Blinds by Courier:When you have decided to have your blinds delivered by courier, we will do our best to pack them in a way that protects them for normal courier transport. If for any reason your blinds are damaged in transit via this delivery method, we take no responsibility for damage or loss once they are handed over to a third party as we have no control over them. However, we will provide you with the tracking number for you to track your delivery. We generally use Fast Way for blinds under 2.4m and Mainfreight for blinds 2.4m and over but reserve the right to use a freight company of similar standard where necessary to get the blinds to you as quickly as possible to your designated address.Out of square windows:We take no responsibility for ‘out of square windows’ as our blinds are manufactured square.Supply:Supply of blinds is subject to the availability of materials and exact colour match of fabrics used will be matched to the best of our ability.Damage:We take no responsibility for any damage to property. Utmost care will always be taken and where there may be risk or damage to your property you will be advised. 

Warranties:Warranties are valid only where payments have been made in full and with proof of purchase.Warranties are not transferrable and only the original purchaser of the products can make a claim under our warranties. In turn, we request our wholesale customers to extend their warranty only to their first buyer.Claims made against transit damage, short supply or visible defects to the products, must be reported in writing within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of goods, and be accompanied with photographic evidence for assessment, to No1 BLINDS™.The fabric on your blinds are covered by an unsurpassed warranty against fade as indicated on the quote and invoice.Wooden blinds are covered by a 5-year warranty; However, this warranty will not apply if the blinds are housed in an excessively damp or wet area.Aluminium venetian blinds are covered by a 3-year warranty.The mechanism on the blinds are covered by a 3-year warranty including motors and remote controls.The above warranties are limited to the repair or replacement of the defective materials and components.Where we provide installation services, No1 BLINDS™ warrants that this service will be free from defective installation. This installation warranty extends to the original buyer for up to 3 months.Warranty claims must be made as soon as possible after discovery of the defect and, in any event, within the warranty period.If a defect is noticed within the warranty period, the blinds for warranty repairs must be brought to the nearest No1 BLINDS™ office. Call out fees will be payable if the repairs are requested on site after three months from the date the products were installed. We will at our discretion either repair or replace the blind free of charge. However, once the defect becomes apparent, it is your responsibility to cease using the blind and return it to us. Where the blind is kept in use and further damages occur, repairs will be at your cost.Roller blinds fitted with heavy bottom rails may appear wavy at the bottom from time to time. This is due to the expansion and contraction of the bottom rails due to changes in temperature at different times of year and is the nature of the blind. No1 BLINDS™ is only liable for any loss, damage or injury incurred by you or another person, up to the value of the blind supplied and in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.What is not covered by our warranties:Under no circumstances shall No1 BLINDS™ be liable for lost profits or other direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages.If there are multiple products in the same room, only the defective product will be repaired or replaced. Every effort will be made to match the original specifications. If this is not possible, we will match the product as closely as possible.Product failure due to improper installation unless installation was carried out by No1 BLINDS™ Normal variations in colour grain or texture of natural products, slight warping of wood products, and natural colour changes to materials that take place over time.Products that exceed size recommendations made by  No1 BLINDS™s. The cost of access equipment or electrical works necessary for repairs.Any conditions caused by normal wear and tear.Alterations and repairs to the product not carried out by a No1 BLINDS™ representative, water damage, accidents, misuse.Exposure to the elements (sun damage, wind or rain), discolouration over time.Exposure to chemicals, and any type of corrosive element such as, cleaning products, insects, marine environments and salt air.Any damage resulting from exposure to high moisture and high humidity environments (resulting in mould, mildew or fungal growths) e.g. kitchens, bathrooms.Condensation damage.Large width roller blinds could show the effect of “V’ing. This effect is predominant on all large blinds. To reduce this effect, consider splitting the blind into smaller widths and/or inter-locking blinds.Selected fabrics can be railroaded. Railroading fabric often leads to curling or cupping of the outer edges of the blind. Cupping of fabric at the outer edges of the blind is more pronounced on wider width roller blinds.All roller blinds allow light to pass around the sides of the fabric (even when block out fabric is used). This is because the overall width of the blind including its brackets is always wider than the fabric width. Light Gaps are most prominent when a blind is fitted inside a window recess. Face fitting may be a better option than reveal fitting.Some wider width roller blinds will exhibit a deviation (puckering) across the width of the fabric at the base rail. This can be minimised by selecting base rail options.When we install wooden, roller, venetian or vertical blinds into bay windows, there will always be a gap in the corners.Angle and special blinds manufactured per customer requests are not covered by our warranties.Health and Safety:Please provide clear and safe access to our employees when they come to your premises to provide a measure and quote or installation service. Pets should be kept restrained during M&Q and the time of installation.Where the install involves high windows where a long ladder is used, we may request the customer’s representative present at install to give a helping hand (such as holding the ladder) to avoid the additional cost of sending out a second installer. If such help is not available, we will have to send a second installer at an extra cost to the customer.