Thermal Roller Blinds

Mould and fire resistant

Low maintenance

Available in a wide range of colours and fabric types

Versatile and easy-to-operate

5 day turnaround*

Manufactured by us in New Zealand

All thermal fabrics have a 10 year* warranty against fade

No1 BLINDS™ Auckland’s Supply and Install Specialists for Residential and Commercial Applications.

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10 Year Warranty* against fade

We manufacture the blinds onsite which means we can save you money. Up to 60% more economical than some leading brands. Try us today and compare.

Thermal Roller blinds are designed with a foam polymer coating on the back of the fabric to improve heat control and reduce heat loss. They are purposely manufactured and will increase your comfort tremendously. Ask our sales people if this is the right blind for your space.

Belice Thermal

Balmoral Thermal

Jersey Thermal

Sanctuary Thermal