Thermal Roller Blinds

Mould and fire resistant

Low maintenance

Available in a wide range of colours and fabric types

Versatile and easy-to-operate

5 day turnaround*

Manufactured by us in New Zealand

All thermal fabrics have a 5 year* warranty against fade

No1 BLINDS™ Auckland’s Supply and Install Specialists for Residential and Commercial Applications.

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5 Year Warranty* against fade

We manufacture the blinds onsite which means we can save you money. Up to 60% more economical than some leading brands. Try us today and compare.

Thermal Roller blinds are designed with a foam polymer coating on the back of the fabric to improve heat control and reduce heat loss. They are purposely manufactured and will increase your comfort tremendously. They work as a blockout blind also.

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Belice Thermal

Miami Thermal

Tapestry Thermal

Mandalay Thermal

Sirocco Thermal